ShareContacts FAQ


What is ShareContacts?

ShareContacts is a platform where users can register their contacts from major social networks and major instant messaging applications.

What can I do on ShareContacts?

On ShareContacts you can register your ad, sign-up via Facebook, view the ads registered by other users, leave comments, likes and dislikes. It's possible to filter the search by nickname, gender, platform and country.
This "virtual square" is totally free and multilanguage.

Which rules are there on ShareContacts?

On ShareContacts applies the Italian law and the site terms. To read the terms, just visit the link in the footer (gray).

Site use

How can I register my ad?

Just press on the form on the homepage of the site and fill it out. The fields in the form are all required, obviously for the contact fields at least one contact is required.
To enter your WhatsApp and/or Telegram contact, you must confirm ownership of the entered mobile number to avoid fraud, but you don't need to be subscribed to Facebook. After completing the form, simply press on Submit; after which if you aren't registered on the site, the confirmation by e-mail of the ad will be required. To do it, you have to go to the email box written in the form and press on the link sent to it for activation; this procedure can be carried out within 24 hours of sending the form, otherwise it will be necessary to repeat the registration procedure.
If, instead, you are registered on the site, the confirmation procedure is omitted.

How can I sign-up and why?

To sign-up to ShareContacts, just click on the "Login with Facebook" button. By signing up to the site, the user can register more ads in the list, pick up position to its ads, and leave comments to other ads. Furthermore, at the time of registration of the ad, the part of the e-mail confirmation is omitted.

How can I delete my ad if I'm not signed-up?

Just press on the "Delete an ad" link in the home page. In the form you need to enter the value of a contact to identify it in the database. After you click on "Submit" you will need the email confirmation of the cancellation. You must visit the mailbox and press on the link sent to it. After confirming the deletion of an ad, a possible re-registration will be blocked for 7 days.

How can I delete my ad if I'm signed-up?

Just go to your profile page, find the ad you want to delete, and click on the red X at the top right of the ad. Also for this procedure, a possible reintegration will be blocked for 7 days.

How can I report an ad?

You need to press the "Report" button. Then just fill in the form and wait for the site administration to take the report into consideration.

In the new version I find:

What does it mean image awaiting approval?

To avoid the improper use of the site, all the images attached in the ads, before being published, are checked by the administration, which decides whether to approve them or not.

What does a censored image mean?

It's an image that doesn't respect the ShareContacts terms, therefore pornographic / child pornography / violent material.

Why at the time of registration I find the check "Show only to adults"?

In the past, some ads that were a bit more adult were inhibited. Thanks to this check, the user declares to have registered an ad that isn't suitable for children. The ad will be displayed only to subscribed users who appear to be adults.
This doesn't eliminate the possibility that the administration can inhibit the ad.

Why do I have to put the "I like"?

By entering this information, you will periodically receive notifications on Facebook that will inform you when there are new ads with your interests.